Investment Strategy

MSP is a diversified commercial real estate investment firm that invests across property types and geographies. MSP’s primary investment strategy is to build fully integrated real estate companies by pursuing programmatic GP Equity Co-Investments with a select number of established operating partners who operate specifically within a well-defined niche real estate sector. Additionally, MSP pursues Entity/Corporate level investments in existing real estate operating companies, as well as starting new operating companies with seasoned industry executives. Further, MSP will make Limited Partner investments in individual real estate assets.

Investment Focus
MSP’s investment focus is on demographically favored niche product types historically more resilient to economic cycles. MSP seeks to generate value-add and opportunistic returns through asset repositioning, renovation or development while utilizing conservative capital structures and emphasizing downside risk protection. Current investment areas of focus include a housing orientation such as land lease communities, affordable living communities, senior living including both retirement and healthcare, specialty care housing, student oriented housing, and high barrier to entry self-storage.